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Hartford, WI
About Me
I am in the United States military. My job in the military is a cook. Since I've been in, I've had a hard time adapting to the fact the military cooks in mass amounts and strays from the quality factor of food. I like to challenge the people I work with and especially myself to go against the basic standard and make something worth enjoying to eat rather than just to fuel up for the day. I don't believe in a proper way to cook food with certain ingredients going with certain spices. It's all about experimentation. Alot of my recipies are very untraditional, but I like them and use others for "taste tests". I have had no complaints so far. :)
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
How to Boil Water
Favorite Writer
Beatrice Small
Favorite Book Genre
Non-Fiction, Biography
Favorite Band or Artist
Michael Buble
Favorite Music Genre
Dance and Jazz
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Favorite Artist
Paul Bobrowitz
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Make mistakes, you learn that way.

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