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About Me
The mystical, spiritual figure of her group. A practitioner of alternative healing, and a great story-teller and weaver of myths for her friends, Tai-San can be somewhat aloof, very sure of her own beliefs in her own world. Her persuasive powers and zealous conviction in her own morality can be an irritant to some of the others, especially Lauran, who accuses her of meddling with others' emotions.
Hello! My name is Janeene, better known as Tai-San, which I beg you to call me, please. I write, and I enjoy making new friends. The love of my life is Nathan Rood. He is the reason why I still live my life and get up in the morning. If I did not have him, and my best friend, Shawn Blankenship, I do not know what I would do. Please, read my writings, send me a message...you are free to do anything. Oh, and at the moment, my icon is my friends' boyfriend, James Michellle, who played Dracula in our High Schools play.
I leave you now, and put pen to paper. I hope to hear from anyone and everyone.
Peace, Love, Happiness, And Harmony,
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Shawn Blackenship/Nathan Rood(Also my best friends
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Counrty, Rock
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Don't Have One
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You Lose Everything, Then You Die!

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