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About Me
If you cant tell, Im kind of a scene kid. I've always been a small town girl my whole 13 years of life. Big citys, I dont mind to visit now and then but I cant stand to live in one. My work is pretty good for someone my age, ecspeshaly this genartion. I usually stand out and have no particular style(prep, goth, emo, ect.) but like I said if anything Im a scene. I am a good person if you get to know me. I wish to be a writer as soon as I can, for you see, Im highly mature for my age. This comes with the burdon of knowing how my family hurts money-wise more than my brothers (all younger, two step and one half from dad. none from my mom side). I enjoy school untill someone desides to mess with me and try to get away with it. People think Im part dog because I yawn like one, bite, strech, can move my nose(more like a rabbit), and now and then I howl for the fun of it. I am also not any particular religion. I basicly have my own form of paganism but its just the way I am. Feel free to ask.
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Billy Van, Skrillex, HU, Breathe Carolina, ect.
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anything good
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