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About Me
hey i love to be the best at whatever i do my name is victor and i wanna be a ufc fighter. 4 those of u that dont know wats ufc its nothing like those fake gay fight shows like wwe and others thats all crap no effence so yeah to be a ufc fighter u have to know plenty of martial arts i already covered karate,taekwando and bjj (brazilian jiu jitsu)and now im in mixed martial arts wich is just one step closer to my also good at sports like baseball i would also want to play for the boston red sox im really athletic so yeah either u go big or go also planning on going to the army to be an infantry im really into war. oh and did i mention i love playing the drums , guitar but my main instrument is the drums im talking hardcore playing drum. all this characteristics follow me everywere i go cause of my element FIRE .no wonder im so hot jk.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
adventure and action
Favorite Writer
dont know
Favorite Book Genre
adventure and action
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Favorite Music Genre
Favorite Movie
dont know
Favorite Artist
dont know
Personal Quote
stand 4 something or fall for anything

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