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Australia, Melbourne
About Me
Hello name is Yasmin,
When I first started to write I was 14 but I was never really good at it but durring this and last year I have become better and have more understanding on how to make a book good and interesting.
I hope all you readers like my book and tell others about it.
All my work is copy written so DO NOT think you will get away with steeling my works.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
House of Nigh Series.
Favorite Writer
Claudia Gray.
Favorite Book Genre
Werewolf, Fantasy.
Favorite Band or Artist
The Band Perry.
Favorite Music Genre
I like hip hop, rap and pretty much all music.
Favorite Movie
The Underworld series.
Favorite Artist
People who do art of nature.
Personal Quote
Everybody Dies, But Nobody Lives.

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