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    Bookemon Young Author Press

    Make Publication a Reality for Young Authors!

Young Author Press lets young authors and students publish their stories and writings in full color books with ISBN-13 and be recognized as published authors worldwide. This program is created for teachers, parents and Young Author Fair organizers to inspire our children. Young Author Press Gift Card is indeed the most inspiring gift for your children, motivating lifelong interests in literacy and learning!

Note: The Young Author Press program is designed solely for K12 students, K12 homeschoolers and teachers/parents/guardians assisting school-age students/children to publish their writings and creations. Bookemon reserves the right to refuse publication or remove published books from the program by authors who are not K12 school-age children.

Inspiring Gift of a Lifetime

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Bookemon for Young Authors

Program Details

A Young Author Press package costs $99 per published book and includes the following features:
  • Standard Features
  • 1
    A unique ISBN-13 "International Standard Book Number" and barcode assigned to the published book.
  • 2
    Book title, description and author information will be submitted into the ISBN database for worldwide circulation.
  • 3
    A hard copy of the book will be sent to the author upon publication.
  • Opt-In Features
    (at discretion of author, no extra cost)
  • 4
    Book title to be listed on Amazon's catalogue, available for sale to the public.
  • 5
    Book title to be included in Bookemon's Young Author Press new title quarterly press releases.
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The Perfect Gift for Children of All Ages!

YAP package can be purchased prior to publishing a new book or to republish an existing one. (Bookemon membership is required; see guardian permission for children under 13.)

Your purchase options are:

  • 1. One or more YAP package(s) for your own book(s).
  • 2. One YAP Gift Card for a Young Author.
  • 3. One or more YAP package(s) purchased by edCenter founder for their members.

Educator members enjoy special discounts of 20% (Quantity 1-4) and 40% (Quantity 5+).

A unique code is assigned to each YAP package, enter the code as requested when you publish your book under Young Author Press using Publish@YAP or RePublish@YAP command.

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