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Gail Blair is a self taught vegan chef and the owner of Food Revelation. She discovered her talent for cooking as a girl while preparing meals alongside her Dad for their very large family of 7. Gail made the food and health connection years ago after losing her mother to heart disease at a very early age and has made it her mission to help others make the same connection through her private and public cooking classes and seminars. So what's the revelation? God has provided the perfect tool kit for disease prevention and healing and it comes from one of our greatest pleasures on earth - FOOD - GLORIOUS FOOD!

My mission - To help as many people as possible make the food and health connection through conscious eating.

My Hope - To see the cycle of disease end in our country and worldwide by making the shift to a plant-based diet.

My Motto - The tast buds don't care if it's plant or animal, as long as it's delicious!
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