Book Earnings Program

Introducing Book Earnings program

Expanding our support of schools, educators and non-profit organizations, we have redesigned our Author Profit program to facilitate sales of books specially created at Bookemon for fundraising purposes in addition to for personal rewards. As a result, except for Young Author Press, Author Profit will be replaced by Book Earnings as a way to add a desired dollar amount per copy to be paid out when their books are sold at Bookemon to a 3rd party. This will not affect the base price of the book paid by the book creator.

Bookemon will remove the $20 dollar minimum cumulated amount requirement before payout. Instead, all Book Earnings will be paid out to our member's PayPal accounts within 10 days after the end of each month during which money have been earned. All outstanding author profits earned previously will be paid out immediately to members that have provided us with their Paypal account already.

Further, we have added a Mission Statement section (optional) to every personal bookstore and edCenter bookstore in order for book creators to communicate their goals and purposes regarding earnings derived from sales of their books.