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About me Hmm. You know I don't know about anyone else but I find it very hard to write about me. I mean what is a person suppose to say about themselves. I never thought I would ever write poetry. I was about to get married and I wanted to write a poem for my future husband so I asked God to help me write a poem. I got one line and then nothing. So I when to bed and about 5 o'clock in the morning the rest came flooding inn. A lot of times these poems comes when my spirit is quite. While I am writing I am not sure what the ture out would, but 99 % of the time It trun out to be reall amazing, mine you they are inspired by the Holy Spirit, but they are still my poems He give me, and I am so please and happy to share them with you.

I am also grateful to God for using me to share His heart with you.

Thank you for buying my book I really appreciate your support and I hope it blesses you tremendously.

That how I started writing poerty.
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