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Why Bookemon? - The only place to Turn document(s) into a Printable Book, effortless

A. Choices of Using Existing Document(s)/Content to Create Your Own Book

  1. Turn one document into a printable book in minutes
    If you have one document in .docx, .ppt, or .pdf, you can create a book directly from uploading the document without any editing. Please find "Create from quick and easy".
    You can include both front cover and back cover design as the first and last page of your document. Make sure you indicate it following the on-screen instruction.
    This option is available for any devices using a browser. The approach also works for using photos on your device.
  2. Create your book using a few documents, combination of .docx, .ppt, and .pdf
    If you have more than one document include in your book, you can simply choose "Create from Document".
    You can design your front and back covers, add pages between your documents. The documents included may be in different file formats such as .docx, .ppt, or .pdf.
    This approach works on computer, desktop or laptop, not mobile devices. You need to always edit your document to revise the content there.
  3. Hybrid pages, some from your documents, some being designed online
    If you'd like hybrid pages, some pages are from your document pages, some pages are designed online using our online book creator, you can choose "create from template".
    This approach only works on computer, desktop or laptop using a browser. Blank template will be easier for you if you want to design your own pages. With pre-designed templates you can just fill your text or photos easily.
    You can add multiple documents along with the pages designed inside the builder.
  4. Blog Pages, Document Pages, Photos, and Pages being designed on device using Mobile-app
    If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use our app on your device to create a book using photos, document(s) stored on your device or other storage drive such as dropbox or google drive. You can even include content on web blog pages given URL.
    Our iPhone app is called instaPress; iPad app is called bookPress.

B. Best of all, it is totally Free to make your own books

  1. Free to join as member
  2. No cost to use book creators, totally Free to make your own books
  3. No obligation to buy your bookstore quality print books; only if and when you need.
  4. eBook edition of your own book is ready once you are ready to publish

C. Best Value

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