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Always Dreamed of Becoming a Published Author?

Make Your Dream a Reality with Bookemon's Creative Author Press

If you've always dreamed of becoming a published author, here's your chance! Bookemon's Creative Author Press allows you to publish your work in full-color books with an ISBN-13 number. That number is your ticket to worldwide recognition as a published author. Once you have it, you can make your book available online on Amazon or other distributors or in bookstores all around the world. Don’t miss out on your chance. Become a published author today. Here’s how:

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Program Details

A Creative Author Press (CAP) package costs only $99 to publish a title on Amazon.

It includes the following features:
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    Your book will be assigned a unique ISBN-13 "International Standard Book Number" and barcode.

  • 2
    You can order a complimentary copy once title is published.

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    We'll submit your book's title, description, and author information to the ISBN database for worldwide circulation.
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    We'll list your book's title in Amazon's catalog to make it available for sale to the public.
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    One eBook license for Free. ($3.99 to anyone else)
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    FREE US Ground shipping for order of 2 or more copies
How Bookemon's CAP Package Works

1. You need to buy a CAP package for each title. A unique barcode and ISBN-13 number will be assigned to each CAP package. You can buy your CAP package on your book profile page or during the publishing process (Bookemon membership is required; see guardian permission for children under 13).

2. When you are ready to publish your book with an ISBN-13 number, select "Publish with ISBN", and then enter the CAP code.

3. If your book has been published already, and you want your book to have an ISBN-13 number, you can also buy a CAP package. If you’ve already published it, just use "RePublish with ISBN" following the online steps to republish your title with your new ISBN-13 number using the code provided.

4. We will submit your title to Amazon early the next month after the date it is published with our CAP package.

Our educator members enjoy special discounts of 20% (Quantity 1-4) and 40% (Quantity 5+).

Don't wait to realize your dream. Become a published author with Bookemon's CAP package today.

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