Bookemon Publish Services

Always by Your Side to Publish Your Book, Hands-Off

Want to Print Out Your Work as a
Quality Book but don't know HOW?

Bookemon Book Creation Service - Create a book from your documents and turn it into a printable one

If you have a document in Word or PDF format and don't know how to turn it into a printable book with bookstore quality, here comes the solution. We can do it on behalf of you with the needed information.

Bookemon Book Creation Service

Program Details

Bookemon Book Creation Service cost only to publish a title

It includes the following features:


Allow you to summit your document directly to our server with email conversations for the needed information about the book.


Choose the most suitable product and size to create a book for you.


Publish the book for you to make it available to buy a print copy or eBook.

How Bookemon Book Creation Service Works

1. You need to buy a Creation Service for each title. You may include a few documents into one title.

2. Once you make payment, you will be allowed to submit your document(s) for the title. In order to have the book published as you want, we will ask you the fundamental information through email about your book, such as title, privacy, genre, description, author name, etc. There will be emails back and forth between you and Bookemon for the information as needed.

3. We will create a book on behalf of you based on the information provided, select the product and size that best fits your document and your need.

4. We will publish the book on your behalf once everything looks fine. We will notify you via email when the book is ready to buy for printable copies or eBook

Don't hesitate to buy Bookemon Book Creation Service today if you need to turn your file to a book hands-off!

Want to Make Sure Your Book Pages
Look Good before Publish?

Bookemon Book Inspection Service - Ensure your book pages situated correctly

If you have been working on your book and ready to publish. Before doing so, you hope to have Bookemon look it over to make sure the pages are situated correctly so that no contents (text and images) will be lost in print. Book Inspection Service will help you do the job.

Bookemon Book Inspection Service

Bookemon Book Inspection Service cost only $49 to inspect a title

How Bookemon Book Inspection Service Works

1. You need to buy one Book Inspection Service for a title.

2. Once we receive the payment, you will need to email us your title, the date you need to have it inspected to support@bookemon.com

3. We will inspect your book page by page to ensure that you do not lose any contents. Please allow 24-48 hours

4. We will notify you via email the details of the inspection if there are any issues and corresponding page #. We will work with you for three rounds until it looks good. It will be considered another inspection service if you want to ensure any further edit.

Don't hesitate to buy Bookemon Book Inspection Service today if you need to ensure no content loss!