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The Wall Street Journal

Creating Your Own Recipe Book

"We could upload our own pictures, but the service also let us search for free photos and art on the Internet. Our end result was a book that could rival any in a store with superior quality paper, a thick cover and a glossy finish."

- The Wall Street Journal

top homeschool products

" is a website where you (your kids) can create your/their own custom books-it's a great way to add creativity, technology, and fun to any homeschool program...
Bookemon even has an area on their site specifically for educators--a secure spot for school projects. It can be found here. Regarding the Bookemon's Educator Program..."


Maria Space

"...... It is so easy and such a great gift idea for any holiday, birthday, anniversary or just because!"

- Maria

Teachers First

"...... one of the best creative tools for gifted students to go above and beyond regular curriculum"

- TeachersFirst


"Great customer service! Quality product! Intuitive software! ....."

- Webutation

What Educators Are Saying
about Bookemon ...


"This design tool is perfect for any age level, from elementary school yearbooks un through high school yearbooks"

- Educational Freeware

"Students can quickly create a piece of writing that looks a lot more attractive and can be shared."

- Larry Ferlazzo

the aside blog teaching language with ipad ipad is elementary

Customer Testimonials

"Thank you again! I have to say, I've never gotten this level of customer service. This was completely my fault, yet you stuck with me to fix it all. This might appear to be a group of kids creating a book, but it's really a much bigger project. This is a district initiative between schools that have many working parts. The impact of the final result is very big to our community. Your help has been above and beyond, and I can't thank you enough!"

- Kim

"I found your site just before Christmas, while performing an online search. The layout and functionality of your system is simple and direct. By following your simple, straight forward guidelines, I created in 10 days, a product that had been previously in my mind, for over ten years! Not only did you provide the tools to create, you added guidance, to include tools to proof, as well as honest pricing. Upon completion, I published, and ordered a hardbound copy for myself. I must confess, I waited in anticipation for the finished product, as I put a lot of time, and effort, into the endeavor. Yesterday I received the hardback copy of my book Ramps, Morels, and More. The physical quality of the binding and materials, are everything you said they would be. All of the pages, are professionally printed, and oriented exactly the way they appeared in the proofs. In addition, the photo images, including the artwork, were crisp and sharp. I must confess, the area in need of most improvement, is the quality of my writing skills, and you have little control over that... yet, even there, your spell check feature was quite handy.... >laughing< In summary, I just want to say 'thanks' to everyone on your staff, and advise that the quality of your product, exceeded my expectations! "

- Dennis

"I am contacting you regarding my recent book project. This was the first time I had used Bookemon, and I can't tell you how much I was impressed with your website...
I was delighted to discover how easy your website was to use...but that's not the best part. When I ordered my book I wasn't quite sure what to expect when the package showed up. However, when I opened the package I was blown away!! The quality of your work left me speechless.
All I can say is THANK YOU! Your impressive work has given my portfolio a high-quality, professional look. Thank you for making me look so good before my university! I hope that in the future I will have the opportunity to use Bookemon can be assured that I will highly recommend your website to anyone. "

- Janet

"I just wanted to compliment you on your website! It's a pleasure to use after trying other book making sites which caused me nothing but aggravation. I'm about half done with creating my Christmas Cookie book and just wanted you to know what a great site you have. THANK YOU!!"

- Sue

"I used Bookemon my first time to make a yearbook for my graduate school class and ordered 22 copies. Once I placed my order online it only took a week to receive them. I was amazed by the quality of how the pictures and graphics printed. The yearbook turned out exactly how I created it on the website. It's easy to use and priced well. I recommend Bookemon to anyone who is interested in creating any memorabilia or book. So happy about the services. Thanks a million Bookemon!"

- Katie

"Hello Bookemon folks: I am sending this message to tell you I am so pleased with my whole Bookemon experience. I am a first-time user of the website and have been very impressed and pleased. I just published and ordered a book I prepared of my parents' memoirs that I had worked on for months. I admit I was apprehensive about how it would look and about the quality of the finished product. Since the books are to be Christmas gifts for my parents and siblings, I was crossing my fingers that they would arrive in time and be something I could give with pride. The books arrived a couple of days ago in plenty of time for Christmas and are beautiful! I couldn't be happier with them and will definitely use Bookemon again for other books. THANK YOU for delivering what you promised!"

- Diane

"Dear Bookemon people: I ordered one copy of my completed book to read as a proof. It arrived today and it looks just wonderful. I want to commend you for your excellent production values and to thank you for your help by email when I was getting the hang of it all. You were prompt and cordial in giving advice, and it all paid off. "

- Jeri

"Just wanted to say thanks for an outstanding printing job. And your service is unbelievable. I ordered my book on May 16 and received it on May 21. Not only did you print it in the time ream, but the book traveled over 2000 miles. "

- Mel

"Thank you so much!! I received the books today and praise God my dad is still with us and I can share it with him. You have been wonderful and I will recommend you site to others. Thank you again for your help! God Bless."

- Christy

"Hello Bookemon team, I have received my book and wanted to send a letter saying thank you. Thank you very much. You make it so easy!"

- Sal

"I'd like to thank you for a wonderful first class book you have produced. The quality is great, as well as the binding and cover. I couldn't be happier. I know my son is going to love it! Now I'm even more excited about finishing off the second half. Thank again!"

- Stella

"I am always impressed with the speed of your responses. Thank you . We are enjoying the books and I enjoyed the process."

- Betty

"... Wow, I never expected to have so many people order this book. They want it to come from me and to have me sign it. Yikes! I feel famous in a very small way. Ha! Ha! I am donating a hard copy of my book to the elementary school across the street from our house and to our local library."

- Sharon

"Thank you very much. My husband wants to review before I get it published and he will do that in the morning. I love your site. It is easy to use and very customer friendly."

- Barbara

"When I found Bookemon, I was really excited. I have published poems etc and it will be a great way to get them bound etc."

- Suzanne

"Hi, instead of complaining...I am writing to tell you nice the quality of the new hardcover book I ordered is...I'm well pleased."

- Martha

"As a foster parent who needs to produce "life books" for the children who stay with us we've used your service to create several books.
Your website is wonderful. It's rock-solid reliable and easy to use with lots of great features.The prices are quite reasonable and your ability to group shipping of different books together is great!"

- Andrew

"I don't have a suggestion -- just praise. I started this book 9 months ago as a Christmas gift for my daughter-in-law. I have had such fun with it and loved playing around with all the options. I will definitely use it again for other projects that I am now contemplating since I know there is a site like this to go to to help me get them started.
Great site. I will recommend this to anyone I can."

- Cathryn

"Thank you so much for your help. I love your site, I am a school teacher, and plan to use your site TONS! What a great idea and gift to all of us."

- Maribeth

"Hey! Thanks I really like your website!! I have a project due tomorrow and you saved my life! :)"

- Marisol

"I started working on a family history/cookbook at the beginning of October. Every free minute I had was researching and working on my pages on your site. I received my cookbooks today and am so overwhelmed at how wonderful they are! Never in my life had I imagined them to be so fantastic...I have been crying ever since I took them out of the package. The pictures and hand-written recipes of my family turned out beautifully. They will be Christmas gifts for my dad, uncle, brother, and, I kept one for myself. I expect a lot of happy tears on Christmas morning!!
I just wanted to share. Thank you! I look forward to working with again!"

- Emilee

"I am having trouble finding words to express how excited I am to have received my book from your company. The quality of the book is great, and I received it just two days after I was notified that it had shipped.
When I first decided to write a book for my granddaughter, I expected that I would be using construction paper and markers, and it would end up looking like something made by a kid! Imagine how thrilled I was when I found your website and discovered I could actually have a real book made!
I have been telling everyone I know about Bookemon, and I will be back to use it again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this book possible."

- Robin

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