Enjoy a secure and private classroom to work on a book project individually or collaboratively as a group

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An edCenter can be created for your class, special project group or students of a grade level at your school. Use edCenter for:

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What is an edCenter?

edCenter, a feature available only to educator members is a safe, private, online book project center for teachers and students. Each edCenter features:

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    Privately Shared Resources - At the discretion of the edCenter founder, books and resources can only be accessed by all its members.
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    Student Accounts - Teacher can add student accounts without the use of email addresses, thus gaining added privacy and ease of oversight on students' works.
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    Mobile Access - Using bookPress or Bookemon mobile apps, you can access your edCenter via iPhone, iPad or Android devices.
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    Supervision - Easy to use management tools for edCenter founder and their invited assistants to oversee activities and membership of their edCenter.

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