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If you are talented, creative, passionate for life story, join the Bookemon’s Affiliate Program today to transform your living recommendations into sustainable income. If you are an educator and want to enhance computer aided instruction, don’t miss out the opportunity to enhance your impact over classroom while improving your own life. Imagine helping people from all walks of life fall in love with books full of memories to live on forever?

Affiliates' Benefits:

Commission Rate

10% of book revenue for new and returning customer transactions

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Why Bookemon?

Bookemon is to inspire people around the globe to put their favorite memories down on paper, bringing the pages to life. Bookemon uses innovative technology to blend creative minds and expressional style organically into bookstore-quality books. We want to build a world where all our most precious memories are preserved and shared among the generations. It is a simple and easy tool meaning all ages can enjoy the experience of creating their own books the way they like, whether it is bringing together pages, blogs or existed documents.

Bookemon is also education friendly because we not only have a specially designed edCenter for classroom like environment online free to use, but also offer educator discount at all times. We have over thousands of schools, non-profit organizations, colleges, churches that have created their own edCenters and published their work, such as storybook, brochures, children books, yearbooks, textbook, presentation, instructional book, portfolio, catalog, and more ….

Bookemon, the keeper of your living memories. Join us now to become a part of living history.

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Our Bookemon Affiliate Manager will be willing to answer your questions about joining Bookemon Affiliate Program. Please be aware that your application needs to be approved. If you didn’t receive a confirmation email from ShareASale after you apply for the program, your application may not be completed properly or the confirmation email went to your spam folder. You may email Bookemon Affiliate Manager at affiliates@bookemon.com.

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