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Have you ever felt that you have too little memory to remember so much good moments? With Bookemon's free book creation service, you worry no more! You can capture the moments with photos, writings, blogs, files already created at your finger clicks to make a book the way you want. With the free book making platform, your most precious memories are preserved and shared among the generations in a book, become inky memories never fade off. There is no limits as for custom pages, when to order, and how many to order. The most of all, publish your book with $4.99 to start, affordable price. The best is, the tool is offered to everyone!

Bookemon, the keeper of your living memories. Imagine helping people from all walks of life preserve love in books with bookstore-quality? Join us now to become a part of living history.

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  1. Join Bookemon as a member (required)
  2. Apply for Bookemon Affiliate Partner
  3. Create/Publish a book if you want to (optional)
  4. Share your book with your family and friends using email, posting on social media sites such as facebook, twitter, Pinterest, instagram, etc.
  5. If you don't have a book, you can send your referral code to people you know of, as many as possible
  6. Copy and Paste your book badge to your own Web site or Blogs if you have
  7. Copy and paste a code from one of the badges under link-to-us to let more people know Bookemon

Affiliate Program Reward Highlights

  1. Commission Rate: 10% of book revenue for new and returning customer transactions
  2. Average order size $80
  3. High conversion and return rate
  4. In-demand tool with audiences across a wide range of demographics
  5. $5 referrals: Invite your website-owning and blogging friends to join Bookemon and earn $5 gift card for each friend who's approved registered.

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