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Free Online Book Making Software (book maker): Everyone Can be an Author!

Unless your name happens to be Stephen King, John Grisham, or JK Rowling, it is extremely difficult to get a book published. Or is it? With free online book making software and the sites that offer it, anyone can achieve their dream of becoming an author with a real, professionally-printed book. Making book is so easy!

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Make a book online FREE: Everyone Can be an Author!

Pro-quality printed books that you've created are hard to come by. Or are they? With free online book creation sites, you can achieve your dream of creating a pro-quality printed book with your own text and pictures. You will always have the satisfaction of seeing your words printed beautifully.

It is tremendously satisfying to see your written work in print. Whether it is a short story, novel, collection of poems or photography, or a story you've told your children for years, pro-quality printed books can help preserve your thoughts and memories while creating a sense of achievement. The great thing is that it is remarkably easy to get started. Writing is the hard part; publishing your work doesn't have to be!

There are a few sites with which you can publish your work. Some offer programs that are completely free. Bookemon is one of the better known sites that offer free book making and publish program. Here is how to make a book: you create a free account with the site. You can either import your text from document in Word or PDF or write it directly using the online creator. Get as creative as you like with the text and layout. If you're simply making a photo book of memories, you may not want any text at all. In either case, you can create graphics and select the design elements you want. You can add your own pictures and decide just how you want your book to look. It's your creation, so you have complete control over every aspect of the process. You will be guided through each step, though, so you will never be lost. An extremely user-friendly process, it's the best way to create family memories in printed form.

The options really are limitless. The most striking aspect of sites such as Bookemon is the truly quality result. Anyone looking through your book would think you struck it rich with a great book deal. Create gorgeous cookbooks, wedding albums, or blog books. Impress a prospective employer or client with a bookstore quality printed portfolio. Turn your collection of intriguing photos into a must-have coffee table book. You can choose either a soft cover or hardcover to achieve the look you want.

How can these sites print just one or two copies of your book? After you have submitted your manuscript and placed an order online, a copy is printed on demand, bound, and shipped to you. The printing companies use high-tech digital printers, not offset presses used by traditional book publishing firms. To make that cost-efficient, traditional book publishing firms have to print large volumes. Digital printing equipment, on the other hand, makes it possible to print just one book. The best part, though, is that cost to you is extremely reasonable.

Whether you dream of creating a story for kids or a family book of memories, book maker sites like Bookemon can be tremendously helpful. See what they have to offer. Read the full review about Bookemon.

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