Are You A Student Looking To Publish Your Book?

Are you in college, grade school, or in middle school? Have you always wanted to publish your own book? Now you can with student publishing from Bookemon! We've created a system that makes kids publishing easy and fun!

Student Publishing That Doesn't Cost an Arm & a Leg

You may have been to other places, and thought that the only way that you were going to publish a book is if you spent your whole life savings on it. At Bookemon, our rates our reasonable. We know that you are a student, so we want to help you as much as possible.

Publish Like a Professional

Whether you want to create a book that you can use for a portfolio, or you simply want to create a keepsake book, we can help you. All of our books are printed on high quality paper and are bound professionally.

It's so easy to publish with Bookemon—you could do it in your sleep!

Login and start creating your masterpiece.

Are You A Teacher?

Let your students experience the thrill of becoming a published author! Young published authors will feel the joy of seeing their book bound and printed.

Each of Bookemon's books are sure to become keepsake that students and teachers alike will cherish. All of our books are high quality—ensuring that they can be remembered for years to come.

Promote Writing & Reading Skills

When a student knows that their work will be showcased in a real book, their writing and reading will skyrocket. Many students love the challenge that comes when they have to create something on their own.

Professional Student Publishing Made Easy

At Bookemon, we understand that teachers don't have a lot of extra time. We've created our software to create high quality manuscripts that you can easily publish into a hardbound, full-color book. It's as easy as 1,2,3!

Ready to start student publishing? All you need to do is login, and start creating!

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