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i am mexican brown eyes dark brown and black hair. i wear glasses. i am bisexual. i like reading and writing. i am a yaoifangirl. i love anime and i love animals. i like all types of music. i like to play the guitar. i love the internet. i BELIEVE i am Bi-polar. i don't care what people think about me. my zodiac sign is the Boar. My favorite animal is the cat. my favorite flowers are Gardenia, Iris, Gladiolus, Ixia, Larkspur, Phalaenopsis, Stock, Bamboo Orchids. i love all the colors of the rainbow. i don't like it when people invade my personal space without me knowing. i don't like people to bug me when i am reading. i don't like vegtables but eat them anyway. i hate people who act better than others. I love candy. I love to sing. ~Toby~
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mystry angst romance death
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i like all music
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A New Beginning
A New Beginning
by Black_Rose13