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My name is Evelyn Summer, often called as Evelyn, i started my story book career at the age 8, i started making and creating books because it has ever be my dream and i had been rewarded alot of gifts and presents from people all around me and i use my lovely talent to inspire others who write story's and me myself i have also been inspired. The stories written by me at my tender age is: Paris_ About Dennis Lara Benson, Just a Tale Part one, about Emily Rosa Johnson, Just a tale Part two, the rise of Alley the second, Just a tale part three, the new chosen one, the exclusive twins ( All About Jackson Rayes Diamond and Amiee Tera Diamond ) The six in one_ American Girls Part one, the discovery of the first six starlight ( about Esteen, Artemis, Stephanie, Diana, Allison and Elexa ), The six in one_ American Girls Part two; the revealed secret to the starlight ( coming up from september)

The six in one_ American Girls + Just a tale

About Esteen Lauran Newman + Emily rosa Johnson (..
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
The Rushing Fountain
Favorite Writer
George Markswill
Favorite Book Genre
Favorite Band or Artist
Kalley and Natalie Grante
Favorite Music Genre
Only Words Could Tell.
Favorite Movie
In The Shadows
Personal Quote
Only Words could tell the reason Why.

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