13 almost 14
About Me
Grew up in a small town. I love to write and sing. I suck at dancing and drawing. My name is Juliet (just like in Artemis Fowl) May. My favorite stone is an Emerald. I am currently single. And boys if you try to rape me, I'll make sure you will have no other children.
I love reading more than anything in the world. I also am very protective over the environment.

I love Percy Jackson. The Divergent Trilogy. The Artemis Fowl. The Harry Potter series. And many more.

I also have a very bad habit of forgetting and running out of ideas so I'd love if you could pop suggestions and reminders.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
Artemis Fowl Atlantis Complex
Favorite Writer
Rick Riordan
Favorite Book Genre
Romance and Adventure
Favorite Band or Artist
Three Days Grace
Favorite Music Genre
Rock and Pop
Favorite Movie
Don't have Favorite but Hugo is one of my favs
Favorite Artist
Sia and 30 seconds to Mars
Personal Quote
" Shoot me down. I won't run. I am Titanium"

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