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I was born April 12, 1930 to French speaking parents in Avoyeles Parish, Louisiana. The doctor thought I was dead and he set me down on the floor while he tried to save my mother's life. My aunt picked me up, wrapped me and held me close. She then said, "this baby is alive!" I could not speak english when I started school but soon learned the english language and continued to speak both english and french throughout my adult life. I married a Mississippi boy when I was 18 years of age. At that time, I could not boil water. My husband loved to eat so I learned how to cook. My cooking style is mostly cajun but I also learned how to cook some Mississippi favorites like chicken and dumplings from his mom. I have taught all my grandchildren how to cook but somehow my daughter never wanted to learn! My grandchildren and friends have asked me to compile my recipes for are the best of the best! C'est si bon!
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