Cudahy, Wisconsin
About Me
Hey, My name is Vanesa Pesut, But peolpe call me nessa for some reason. My favorite thing to do is play outside with my friends and family. My favorite season is summer,spring. Summer is my most favorite because you can go swmming there is no school and you can eat ice cream and hangout with your friends and go on vactions, you can do other things to. My favorite food is nachos and pizza, and my favorte candy is twix,m&ms and sour patch kids. I love to do stuff ooutside and anywhere else. I also like to do is panting my nails or getting them done in a salon and my toe nails and manacure and a pedacure and my hair done. I love to play vollyball and other sports. :)
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
The Hunger Games
Favorite Writer
Suzine Colliens
Favorite Book Genre
Favorite Band or Artist
The Beatls
Favorite Music Genre
Hip Hop
Favorite Movie
The Hunger Games
Favorite Artist
Don't have one Sorry I just dont have one lol
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Love is when you love somone you like

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