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i luv to draw.....its all about me when it come to my drawings............ all though i think they suck but my family thinks they rock...... drawing to me is not just art but its the only way to express myself in my own words............becuse to tell u the truth im not a talker. some times i feel as if god has made me to suffer everything around me........... and that im a nobody. no one knows i am there right next to them. even if i talk.i have no attitude towards people... sometimes i have to go to my room and think about my life and were its going to, whether something bad or good will happen and what i would do about it. even on my birth day i just want to sit there and think about how i feel and who i am. im still searching who i am, whats my attention towards life......heres my life story... ok when i was 3 years old i was put up for adoption because my mom and dad went to jail for doing drugs and robing convient stores, and didnt have anything to take care of my older sister and me.....when my older sister and i were put up for adoption we were moved from home to home and family to family.one time we found a family that had burned down the house becuase the lady was making breakfast and messed up and burned down the house. so we had to leave out of the house as fast as we could.....we went to more homes and they all didnt work out and the thing is i dont even know if we went to school.but one day we arrived at this one house and met this lady named bobet and she was mean..... one day in her house danille(older sister) and i were playing in the back porch and she got really mad that we were having fun so she called some people to pick her up and take her away from me.when she left i feel to the ground crying and screaming because i love my sis and i can't live with out her, she was my best friend.and when she left some people came over and had a cake and was singing happy b-day to bobet and im just saying in my head "hello im crying here because you took away my sis ,your suppose to do something, im only 6 i dont know what to do about it......."i have so many things to tell you what she did to me to make my life miserable but i dont even want to talk about that right now, but did you know that she put me on medication just to get money, so in other words she put me on meds for something i didnt even need just because she wanted money..... and one day a baby comes to bobet and i find out she is my new little sister who was only 3 years old when i was six.......it was crazy to find out my real mom could just screw up her life and her kids just by doing something bad, even at a young age......then these poeple from the adoption agency came and got me and my little sis.... so i ended having my 7th b-day at the adoption center. the March after that my little sis and I found these poeple who were really nice and we loved them more then any thing in the world...... every day they would take us to their house but at the end of the day they would have to take us back to the the adoption center and every time we said good bye my sister would cry and throw a fit because we loved them and didnt wont to loose them especially since we lost other people......but my little siter and i knew that they were the ones that we wanted to live with for ever. around valentines day well a couple days before valentines we went to the judge and we were officially their little girls... so on valentines day it was the first day we got to live with them.i was happy.like really happy that i felt like i wanted to cry...all it took was one day and i luved them more then anything. they made up a anniversary on valentines to stand for the first day we lived with them. i love them since the first day i met them (at the age of 7) until now.i never lost the love i have for them and i dont see how i would.when i was 12 and a half my mom told my sister and me that she was going to have a baby..so the day she gave birth to the baby they named him alexander and he was the cutest little baby boy i have ever seen.i think it was becuse he was my new little bro and now today he is walking and talking and i love him even if gets on my nerves. my life has been screwed up in the past but once i met my new mom and dad my life was the best .i luve them. and thats my life story.theres more details to it like who i met and ....... but i dont feel like typeing about it so........
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