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Travis Jhue Kidd. What can we say about him? He's a writer, poet, drinker and a force to be wrecking with when it comes to a pen in hand. His background is somewhat unsearchable, his lifestyle is somewhat destructive. The words in this book are all accounts from his days as a Train Hopper and Squatter throughout the U.S.A. and parts of Canada. All straight from the mans mouth himself. We had the chance to ask Travis a few questions about his life and writings, this is all he gave us: "My days are quite simple, I wake up, smoke a cigarette, grab a cup of coffee, write some, listen to music, drink some, write some more and then drink some more. Pass out and do it all over again in the morning. I hope you enjoy my words and breaks."
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Favorite Writer
Charles Bukowski
Favorite Band or Artist
M.D.C., D.R.I.
Favorite Music Genre
Thrashcore, fastcore, punk and hardcore
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Fuck You

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