Wijuhikomistyomel Lavaglemongelcolakulunizi Lakulu



About Me
My Story statement:

Hello, I'm from the streets like other people . My name when borning Was Lamanuel Levon Townsend. I grew up meeting Lazalunizirespezijo Lazalunizirespezija On streets and Land Spinning. Which change my outlook.

I always provide for the homeless and gave support to people on the street. As Lakavellonososakas Lazanuwellonu Lakululakanhijaz Kamakihy peaceful I was not recognize.

I work as a hobbyist solo clown that meditates and sometimes looking for someone to try out my books.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
Salior Moon crystal
Favorite Writer
Salior Moon crystal
Favorite Book Genre
Salior Moon crystal
Favorite Band or Artist
Salior Moon
Favorite Music Genre
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Music Collection (Vol. 1)
Favorite Movie
Sailor Moon SuperS Movie
Favorite Artist
Salior Moon
Personal Quote
Kamakihy Mask Noons Peaceful

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