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Minister La’Rika V. Smith(PROV31DIAMOND) was born January 24, 1980 to the proud parents George E. Smith and Jeanetta Durden. She has 3 birth siblings, 9 nieces and nephews, and a host of brothers and sisters within the Body of Christ. She grew up majority of her life in Lithonia, Georgia. She was baptized at age 5 by the late Reverend Mark McCarvey of Second Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. The following year she led her first solo titled “ A Message To Jesus".

La’Rika attended Meadowcreek High School, however, because she became pregnant with her daughter, she left school to obtain a job. Unfortunately, her daughter passed away three hours after birth. Determined to finish school, La’Rika obtained her General Education Diploma exceeding above average in every subject tested, on June 19, 2002. She is now pursuing her degree in counseling psychology @ Walden University with an expected date of graduation in the year 2013. In addition, she is also an aspiring writer and has recently completed her first book of Poetry entitled ~Angelic Expressions~ "Revitalizing Life Through Poetic Inspiration".

In January of 2008, after many test that are now poetically expressed testimonies, and weariness from running from her call to ministry, LaRika surrendered to God and accepted His call to purpose. “ When you’re chosen by God, he won’t force you to say yes but he will surely allow circumstances and situations to come your way that will lead you to running around outside with a yield sign saying, okay, okay, okay, God, I surrender. I will embrace my purpose,” said La’Rika. On April 18th, 2010, she was license to Minster in the Office of Evangelism and Outreach by her spiritual dad, Bishop Jeronn C. Williams, I, the Bishop and founder of New Life International Family Church located in Decatur, Ga.

With a heart toward God and compassion for her brothers and sisters in Christ, La’Rika’s mission is to repair the breach. Though brotherly love, prayer, Evangelism, and poetic inspiration, she strives to ensure others, "Nothing can separate you from the love of God that’s in Christ Jesus, He will love us pass our pain to perfect peace". It is this passion that lead to the creation of her website “GOD WILL LOVE YOU PASS YOUR PAIN TO PERFECT PEACE”. You can find this website at www.godwillloveyou.org.

This desire also lead her to the start of the ~A Princess Cut Diamond & The Distinguished Kings of Royalty Fam~ which is a ministry and discussion group geared toward cultivating the natural and spiritual attributes of mankind. There is a live teleconference hosted on Thursday nights at 9:30 p.m eastern standard time. Simply dial 712-432-0900 and enter the access code 170092. ~PROV31DIAMOND'S~ inspirational word to you is, "never give up on God, life, your dreams, or purpose, because God, life, dreams, and purpose will never give up in you. If God spoke a word over your life, it shall come to pass. God is not a man he can not lie, neither is he the Son of Man He shall not repent His Word will not return unto him void". God is not bias, if he changed La’Rika, He will change you too. All He need is you to say yes and invite him into your heart, God is a gentleman who never forces you to say yes, he allows you to make that decision.
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" I am a Princess Cut Diamond in my Father's Crwon

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