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* Monster High: Diary of Jade Le Fright
7"x10" - Softcover w/Glossy Laminate - B&W Book
48 Pages,  Mar-11-2012
List Price: $12.76

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About Author:
Lauren Alexandra Lakow goes by Lauren Lakow, but her full name is Lauren Alexandra Lakow. Lauren has one brother, one sister, One dad, one mom, and 2 dogs. Lauren always wanted to become an author. Especially, as young author. I mean, who would want to wait so many years to become an author? Well, nothing will stop Lauren from becoming an author. Whether it's people hating her writing, or anything. She will not give up on writing. Her Grandparents, Lea and Isaac, wrote books. that's mainly where Lauren gets her writing skills from. Lauren will countinue to write, and will keep up the great work!
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