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Hello, my name is Georgia but people like to call me Japanzi! I say that i am a pretty crazy person and i'm really weird, people might say that I am a fat ass bitch (which they tell me all the time). I understand that because I am fat and I am mean to some people only because they like to call me fat so of course i have to get after them! I like to joke around and have fun a lot. When im not having fun i get really upset and sometimes I cry if i go a long time without having fun. I have A LOT of friends but a lot of people hate me 2! I have one sister Chelsea, that has a baby boy named Jack and she is also really cool and fun even though we fight a lot. I have a mom and a dad that have never been divorced thank god! And i have one annoying but cute dog named Little Red you can see him in my pictures. I am a really picky person but im up for doing a lot of stuff. People also might say that i'm a very dark person. I have gotten in to trouble a lot over this past year but i get straight A's is school. I remember a lot of little things like what a girl told me on the way to my 3rd birthday party. But i seem to have trouble remembering the big things like that i wasn't supposed to wander off alone at six flags at the science fair. I like to say random things. Cheese! I have never had a boy friend but several people have asked me out but i said no to all of them. I like to emberiss my self. I was born in Oregon and moved here 2-1/2 years ago. My family doesn't seem to never answer their phones so i do get lonely a lot. Well my fingers hurt right now so I think that is almost half the stuff about me and all you need to know so bye!