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I have always been into art. Any way possible, I would find something creative to do. Of course this does not always smooth over with parents (like drawing on the walls). My mother always gave me something to do, be it painting, coloring, or gluing together paper puppets. This busy work turned into a passion for me and spurred my love for art and need for a creative outlet. As I got older I dipped my toes into foreign waters with painting, writing, sketching, and later on photography. Photography has become one of my favorites without a doubt.

I love being able to capture one moment in a single image. A blink of the eye can be saved with one simple click, and that has always appealed to me. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, it is not because of how many words one person can pull from it, but how many words everyone can pull from it. A picture can be seen in so many angles even though it is flat, it’s meaning it three dimensional.
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