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As a poet, I write because I feel, simple as that. In my life, I've been through hardships, pain, turmoil, loss, heartache, heartbreak, triumph, victory, sadness, madness, joy, and everything in between. My writing is a retelling of things I've been through, but also things that thousands go through on a daily basis. I often refer to my poetry as "quick cuts," as they are quick to read, but leave a lasting impression on you rather it be minutes, days, or years later. I started writing in 9th grade in 2011, and my poetry has come a long way since then. My first book, "From Cro Magnon to Pro Average Man: An Assortment of Poems" is a collection of my early work, from 2011 until 2015. In my opinion, my greatest work started around late 2015, and can be found in my second book, "Pocket Change for Priceless Memories." My goal with poetry is not to become popular. My words are the only thing I want to be remembered. My body is the vessel, delivering my words to the World. Please enjoy.

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* Pocket Change for Priceless Memories
5.5"x8.5" - Softcover w/Glossy Laminate - B&W Book
272 Pages,  Apr-26-2017
List Price: $25.63

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About Author:
Nick Moser was born in Greenville, South Carolina in 1996. He started writing poetry in the 9th grade in the year 2011. His first book of poetry, "From Cro Magnon to Pro Average Man: An Assortment of Poems" released in 2015, covers his early work as an author and poet. His second book of poetry, "Pocket Change for Priceless Memories" is due out for release in early 2017. Nick's poetry covers such topics as pain, heartache, heartbreak, love, relationships, sorrow, self-help, self-motivation, inspiration, depression, and a whole slew of other emotions and feelings. Please feel free to buy, look at, support, or comment on any of his work. Your words are, as always, greatly appreciated.
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