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Okay, before I start, I'm going to say this: If you don't already know me, you won't know anything about me, unless I feel comfortable telling you, which is highly unlikely. Now, let's begin.

First off, I'm a writer. I write a lot. I will write about absolutely nothing. I will literally zone out and work on scenes from my novels in my head. Oh, that's another thing: notice that I said "novels" as in plural. This is because as of right now(1-18-11), I am writing four seperate novels. Although I might start a new one soon, and as soon as November rolls around, I'll be taking part in NaNo WriMo for the second time. This time, however, I shall be victorious and WILL complete my 50,000 words with time to spare...

Oh, did I mention I'm overly ambitious? No, well I am.

Anyway, my four novels are Daydreamer, Exchange, The Shadow Keeper, and The Secret Diary of Emily Carlton(Please note that I am co-writing The Secret Diary Of Emily Carlton with someone else, whom I may mention briefly later).

I'm a member of a website known as You may have heard of it. Anyway, on said website, you can read the novels listed above(none of which are finished yet, but they will be!). I'm listed as Amaranta(there's actually a reason as to why that's my screen name, but I don't feel like explaining it at the moment, and--you know what, just read the first statement, you'll get the idea.

I can be random and hyper, or I can be really serious. It varies from day to day. I tend to babble at times...which I might be doing now, I'm not sure yet...

Anyway, I'm also a major reader. I will read just about anything you put in front of me(unless it's non-fiction). I'm currently(again, as of 1-18-11) reading I Am Number Four and am now telling you to at least look into the book. It's really good.

You know what, I've decided I'm babbling and will now commence to shut the virtual get the idea. Anyway(I say that a lot, if you haven't noticed already), I'm done now... Bye!

Okay I lied, I'm going to say one--make that two--more things:

"I wish I had the skill to paint. But instead, I look at a blank document as my canvas. Instead of drawing what I feel, I write it." -Anonymous

If your not sure if something your writing is good, ask yourslef this: What makes it any different from the millions of other books in the world? Why should your book become a bestseller? Why would readers like your story, your characters, your plot? Your story should be unique and enjoyable. But mostly, your story should be something that you are proud of, and that you would want to share with the world. You need to be confiedent in your work, because if you believe in it, your readers should too. Not everyone will like what you write, but as long as you like it, that's all that matters.

Okay, I realized now that it might be hard to see what my profile picture is, so I'm going to explain it. It says, "Judge me
& i'll prove you wrong
tell me what to do,
& i'll tell you off
say I'm not worth it & watch were I end up
call me a BITCH & i'll show you one
screw me over & i'll do it to you twice as bad
call me crazy
but you really have no idea =]]"
I don't own this picture, but please don't kill me with copyrights and such. I saw it on a profile of one of my friends on goodreads and I loved it. I love the message and everything about what it means. So, I'm using it as my pic. Again, don't kill me because of copyrights and such, if there's a problem, I'll take it down. Okay? Good.