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by Rev. Dr. Karen A. Atkins, PhD
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8.5"x11" - Softcover w/Glossy Laminate - Premium Photo Book
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1. A typically benevolent celestial being that acts as an intermediary between heaven and earth, especially in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Zoroastrianism.

2. A representation of such a being, especially in Christianity, conventionally in the image of a human figure with a halo and wings.

3. angels Christianity The last of the nine orders of angels in medieval angelology. From the highest to the lowest in rank, the orders are: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations or dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels.

4. A guardian spirit or guiding influence.


a. A kind and lovable person.

b. One who manifests goodness, purity, and selflessness.

6. Informal A financial backer of an enterprise, especially a dramatic production or a political campaign.



1. An evil supernatural being; a devil.

2. A persistently tormenting person, force, or passion: the demon of drug addiction.

3. One who is extremely zealous, skillful, or diligent: worked away like a demon; a real demon at math.

4. Variant of daimon.


1. Anatomy

a. The chambered muscular organ in vertebrates that pumps blood received from the veins into the arteries, thereby maintaining the flow of blood through the entire circulatory system.

b. A similarly functioning structure in invertebrates.

2. The area that is the approximate location of the heart in the body; the breast.


a. The vital center and source of one's being, emotions, and sensibilities.

b. The repository of one's deepest and sincerest feelings and beliefs: an appeal from the heart; a subject dear to her heart.

c. The seat of the intellect or imagination: the worst atrocities the human heart could devise.


a. Emotional constitution, basic disposition, or character: a man after my own heart.

b. One's prevailing mood or current inclination: We were light of heart.


a. Capacity for sympathy or generosity; compassion: a leader who seems to have no heart.

b. Love; affection: The child won my heart.


a. Courage; resolution; fortitude: The soldiers lost heart and retreated.

b. The firmness of will or the callousness required to carry out an unpleasant task or responsibility: hadn't the heart to send them away without food.

7. A person esteemed or admired as lovable, loyal, or courageous: a dear heart.


a. The central or innermost physical part of a place or region: the heart of the financial district. See Synonyms at center.

b. The core of a plant, fruit, or vegetable: hearts of palm.

9. The most important or essential part: get to the heart of the matter.

10. A conventional two-lobed representation of the heart, usually colored red or pink.

11. Games

a. A red, heart-shaped figure on certain playing cards.

b. A playing card with this figure.

c. hearts (used with a sing. or pl. verb) The suit of cards represented by this figure.

d. A card game in which the object is either to avoid hearts when taking tricks or to take all the hearts.

tr.v. heart·ed, heart·ing, hearts Archaic

To encourage; hearten.


at heart

In one's deepest feelings; fundamentally.

by heart

Learned by rote; memorized word for word.

do (one's) heart good

To lift one's spirits; make one happy.

from the bottom/depths of (one's) heart

With the deepest appreciation; most sincerely.

have (one's) heart in (one's) mouth

To be extremely frightened or anxious.

have (one's) heart in the right place

To be well-intentioned.

heart and soul

Completely; entirely.

in (one's) heart of hearts

In the seat of one's truest feelings.

lose (one's) heart to

To fall in love with.

near/close to (one's) heart

Loved by or important to one.

steal (someone's) heart

To win one's affection or love.

take to heart

To take seriously and be affected or troubled by: Don't take my criticism to heart.

to (one's) heart's content

To one's entire satisfaction, without limitation.

wear (one's) heart on (one's) sleeve

To show one's feelings clearly and openly by one's behavior.

with all (one's) heart

1. With great willingness or pleasure.

2. With the deepest feeling or devotion.

with half a heart

In a halfhearted manner.

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Format: 8.5"x11" - Softcover w/Glossy Laminate - Premium Photo Book
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Dr. Karen A. Atkins, PhD: Born Karen Adrien Osbey. To Adrien Francis. Osbey And Daisy Lee. Osbey. Born and raise in Chicago, IL. Has one son Zackary H. Atkins. Husband Herman Atkins Jr. Married in 1988. Doctorate Degree Of Doctor Of Philosophy in the Academic Discipline of Biblical Studies. Upon Rev. Dr. Karen A. Atkins. From Saint. Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies. August 10, 2002.