Evil Bunny

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Evil Bunny - chapter 1
by taylea

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A very long time ago there lived a girl. Her name is Natasha. She has long brown hair, blue eyes and dark skin.
One day Natasha and her Mum by the way her Mums name is Cleo. Was walking to the shops and they walked straight passed the pet shop and Natasha saw a lovely bunny sitting in a cage. Mum Natasha asked can I please have that bunny please. She said. Maybe said Cleo but only if you clean your room every day and don’t fight with your brother and sister, ok said Cleo.
Ok said Natasha but for how long.
Let’s see for about a week said Cleo.
Ok but if it is gone by the end of the week then do I get another pet. Let’s see.
So Natasha and her Mum went to get some food for dinner.
When Natasha and her Mum got home Natasha asked if she could ring her best friend up to tell her the news.
Her best friends name is Ginger.
Ok said Cleo but don’t be to long.
I won’t say Natasha.
So Natasha rang Ginger up and said to her.
You’ll never guess what happened to me said Natasha. What, what tell me I won’t to know every think?
It’s not that important.
Ok but just tell me any ways.
Fine, fine Mum said I maybe get a bunny. Omg. Wait that’s not all.
All I have to do is clean my room every day and be nice to my brother and sister.
Wait a minuet I never new you had a brother and a sister. Oh yer I never told you about them.
Well they don’t live with me they live at my Dads house. By the way her Dads name is Mike. My brother’s name is Tyler. He has short brown hair and brown eyes.
My sister’s name is Kate. She has long brown hair with blond streak’s and blue eyes.
Any was no more about them what am I going to call my bunny if I get it.
If it is a boy call it Jack and if it is a girl call it Lilly.
Ok I have to go now because I’m not aloud on the phone to long bye.
So Natasha goes down stairs and says I know what I’m going to call my bunny if I get it. If it is a boy I will call it Jack and if it is a girl I will call it Lilly. Nice names say’s Cleo. Thank you said Natasha.
So Natasha goes back into her room to find a cage for her bunny.
The next day Natasha goes back to the pet shop and has a look if the bunny was still there. Then she saw the bunny so she went up to it. When she went up to it the bunny was looking at her the whole way. When she got there she went to pat it on the head but she didn’t see the sign. It said in bold letters.
When she put her fingers in the cage the bunny try to bit her fingers off.
Natasha screamed and ran out of the shop.
When she stopped to get her breath.
She for got to get her Mum a present for Christmas.
But she didn’t won’t to go back there.
So she just walked home.
When she was
Walking home she just remembered that it was only six days until Christmas.
And she has only six days until she gets that bunny. Now she knows why her mum said a week until she can get that bunny.
But now she doesn’t want the bunny she was to scared of it.
So she was hopping that the bunny wasn’t there and that someone has taken it home.
And that her mum hasn’t got it.
Then she just realized that she had to see if it was still there.
So she asked if she could go to the shops.
Then her mum said what for. Umm
It’s for you present said Natasha.
Ok how much do you want said Cleo?
What do you mean?
How much money do you want?
Oh yer um thirty dollars but it properly wont cost that much. So Natasha was walking to the pet shop and was thinking what should I get Mum for Christmas.
I think I will get her some earrings probably some shoe’s and some cloths.
She will love that.
Now my real problem is that bunny.
First I’ll see if the bunny’s still there then I’ll get Mum’s presents. So Natasha went and had a look if the bunny was still there. She didn’t see the bunny her heart started to race she was hoping that her mum didn’t buy it.
Then Natasha went and brought her Mum’s presents and went straight home.
When she got home she tried to look for the bunny.
But there was no sign of it any where.
Now it was only five days till Christmas. When Natasha went to bed she had the worst nightmare. It was about the bunny and the bunny took over the world. When she woke up she went straight to the window to see if it was just a dream and lucky it was. Natasha had a look at the time it was only seven o’clock. So Natasha tried to get back to sleep but she couldn’t. So she went down stairs to see if her Mum was awake. Cleo was sitting at the table having her coffee and her breakfast .Mum said Natasha I had the worst nightmare. Cleo asked what it was about. It was about. But just then Natasha thought if she told her mum that is was about the bunny her mum will have to get something else and if her mum already got the bunny what she will do with it. Aliens yes aliens they took over the world and ate our brains. Cleo looked at Natasha funny that was a weird dream said Cleo. I know said Natasha as she run up into her room. When she got into her room she said I wonder is the shop keepers just put the bunny away for the night. So Natasha went to her mum to ask if she can get her dad a present. Her mum said yes but don’t forget about your brother and sister you have to make shore you get something for them because your dad told me that they are getting you something. Ok said Natasha. How much do you wont um can I please have fifty dollars please. Are you shore you need that much said Cleo. Yes I’m positive because I have to get Tyler a toy car and it has to be a good one. I have to get Kate a little make up book with all types of make up and last of all I have to get dad a good pair of pajamas and they have to be a good pair so they don’t get ripped easily said Natasha. Ok said her mum hears you go. Thanks mum you’re the best as she was walking to the pet shop she saw a bunny in the window. Natasha thought that it was the other bunny but she thought wrong. It was a different bunny a nicer one. But Natasha did not know that it was a different one when Natasha got home she thought that her mum did not get her the bunny yet. Then she remembered that it was Christmas tomorrow. So she wrapped her mums present up and put it under the tree and went to bed early. Through the night Natasha woke to the sound of thumping on the ground in the living room. So Natasha went to see what it was. When she got to the bottom of the stairs she peeked around the corner to see her mum putting her presents under the tree soon Natasha went back to bed. The next morning her mum went into her room and woke her up. Natasha come open your presents said Cleo. Ok I will be there in a minute just let me get dressed. When she comes down her mum was already opening her presents. So Natasha runs to open the biggest first. When she opened it. It was a BUNNY. NOOOOOO screamed Natasha. What said her mum I thought you wanted this. I did but I don’t now it is evil she said. Yer right said her mum it is just a cute little bunny theirs nothing to be afraid of look said her mum and went to pat it. No said Natasha and slapped her mums hand away. Do you have any I dear what this bunny can do to you said Natasha. Yes I do it will kill you with its love not with its laser eyes. Now go to your room and don’t come out till I say so is that clear said Cleo. Yes mum said Natasha. When Natasha got to her room her mum laughed a killer bunny she has been watching to many horror films. Just then Natasha heard her mum scream. Natasha ran down the stairs and saw the bunny was biting her finger. HELP said Cleo I believe you it is an evil bunny. So Natasha ran over to her mum and pulled the bunny off her finger. Cleo’s finger was bleeding so they put a Band-Aid on it. Just then her mum thought that they could still take the bunny back. So her mum put a blanket over the bunny so it could not see and carried it back to the pet shop.
Her mum asked if she could return the bunny but the owner said NO. “Can’t you read it says no returns”? So they decided to take it to the park to let it go. But when they got to the park they saw a sign that said DON’T DUMP ANIMALS HERE!
Cleo said what if we take it to the pound. NO said Natasha they will kill it. Isn’t that what you want? Yes but not that way I want it I be killed bye nature not bye people. Ok then what should we do then said Cleo? I don’t know what do you think we should do? I think we should kill it our self. No we can’t but I have not heard it in a while I think we should check on it just to make sure that it is still there. So Natasha put her hand on the cage and lifted the blanket just to see an empty cage. But just then Cleo heard a noise coming from behind them. When Cleo looked back she saw that the bunny was behind them. Natasha said Cleo do not move? Why because the bunny is right behind you. Ok said Natasha. But all of a sudden the bunny ran straight for them so they both ran as fast as they could. But the bunny caught up with Cleo and brought her to the ground and Natasha did not know so she kept running until she heard her mum screaming for help. When Natasha turned around she saw that her mum was bleeding from the face so Natasha ran at the bunny to try to distract it. And when she did her mum got up and tried to climb the closet tree and when she did manage to get up the tree Natasha tried to climb the same tree but the bunny got her foot. So Natasha kicked it in the face so it would let go and that was exactly what it did and it ran away. When Natasha and Cleo could not see it any more they went back on the ground. Natasha cloud not work and Cleo and miner cuts and scares. So Cleo had to carry Natasha to the doctors to see if there were any fractures. So when they got to the doctors the doctor said that Natasha had a Brocken leg and arm so they had to put a cast on them then after a nine weeks she had them taken off and they never got a pet again just incase all that happened again.

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