The Random Girl books will be rebooted
by Tyler Stephen Sloan
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It is July 7,2015! My name is Emily, and I have powers ,but I am seven years old! Mom, and Dad told me to go to Tokyo, because they need a vacation from me, and I can take care of myself. So they sent me on a government plane to go to Tokyo. They told me don't reveal my power, and don't break people that can't take it. It is so boring finely the I am here. I got out of the airport,and see That Guy from tv that is a super hero he can take it. I made my suit appear,and it had a red armed suit with a blue cape,and a red mask. I said to him let's see who is the better fighter.
That Guy comes out of no where and see's the lil girl. The lil girl looks at me and gives me a really scary look so I told her to go away and then I turn around and she hits me across the globe.
The moment I come back to Earth landing on a phone booth in a city with neon signs showing Japanese characters, I see a young girl talking who can fight better between her and the person in a superhero costume she's talking to. Moments later, she somehow causes a cliche superhero suit to materialize around her, then kicks the superhero way beyond sight to my alarm. Wanting to intervene, I confront her to ask what's going on. After I punched,and kicked That Guy way in the sky. A alien asking me what's going on here. I asked him who are you.
Realizing that she can't recognize me due to the unusual armor I'm wearing, I promptly take off my visor to show I'm human, and I tell her "I'm someone who had been trying to get home for a long time. Now I am finally home at last."
"Space Man!"I say.
Figures why she'd think that, for even though she could catapult a guy practically into orbit, she probably still has the mind of a little girl. "Who was that person you punched off into the distance?" I ask her to try to make sense of things.
"So you want to know who he is , and ok." "He is like a superhero that see on tv,and want to see who is the better at fight,because he looks invincible!" I told the the Space Man.
Startled by this, I step back unintentionally feeling threatened, as I see this behavior as a threat to my home planet and what she could do to it. "You know it's not right to beat people up that save other people, right?" I respond, while my hand is raised slightly, ready to draw the blade from my back without her knowing. "They got a job to do, and they can't keep people safe if they're beat up."
"He ignored me,and told me to go away,and he did it to be mean so I got mad ,and I punch ,and kicked him,because he can take it,and I saw him take hits like that on tv! Seeing that I couldn't reason with her, I was dreading what I might have to do to keep her from wrecking the planet. If she had parents, I could be branded as a criminal or worse if they realized that I did something to her. Maybe I could relocate her to one of the unruly worlds I visited that might give her a crash course in being forced to tell right from wrong, as well as being traumatized by some of the atrocities that happen right in the streets to get her to think straight.
Knowing I would have to act fast and nimbly, I pull my energy whip instead of the blade, lashed it around the area around her while channeling rift energy through it, and created a rift right around her that sent her to one of the most dreadful societies of a planet I know of.
That guy notices that the Rifter is teleporting the lil girl Emily to a different deminshion and try's to stop the Rifter by punches him in the face while laughing. I yell at Rifter and call him down for a big fight.
I was sent flying backwards and managed to land on one knee skidding backwards, reeling from the blow. Upon looking up, I notice it was that superhero guy who the girl sent flying that had hit me that hard. Only reason I'm still conscious was that my visor took the blow, which shattered upon impact with the inner mesh still holding it on my helmet that may take some time regenerating back together.
Crap, the girl was telling the truth... But she's nowhere to be seen, so she must either be on that planet I sent her to or who knows else since I got interrupted. Where am I? All I remember was Space Man using a cowboy rope,and a bright colors flash around me. There are space people fighting,stealing,and kidnapping other space kid. That is not nice. I will stop this now. After that the bad space people are beat up,and other ones looking afraid at me. Wait a minute mom,and dad told me to be at Tokyo! I feeling different in way then I came back to Tokyo! I see Space Man,and That Guy looking like they going to fight each. "Hey my parents told me to stay at Tokyo,and why did you do that for!?" I asking Space Man.
What the!? I couldn't help but have a face of utter surprise under my visor at trying to accept she managed to blink back from that planet right before me. At the same time, I was preparing to fight this superhero who apparently wants to continue the fight with the girl, but I got in the way. Both look ready to start brawling... This is gonna get nasty. The big fight has began to start as me and Rifter go head to head. When out of the blue That Guy secret has been released to Rifter to let him know that the lil girl is really his daughter. When he learns the truth from That Guy that he has a lil girl Rifter goes to a stop as he seems confused.
That Guy is the father of the girl, AND allowed himself to be punted about clear around the planet... Is this how his family socializes with each other through throwing punches for fun? The girl's reaction looked like she still doesn't know of this, which could be how That Guy is trying to train his daughter. Regardless of this, I've got to keep collateral damage to a minimum, which might involve taking a few hits. This is probably gonna hurt quite a bit by how hard these two can hit...

"What is going on,and why are That Guy fighting Space Man, why didn't Space Man answer me?!" I asking Space Man. That Guy is telling Space Man something,but I turn around,and decided to get up in Space Man' face to get his attention.
Panicked by the sudden teleportation right in front of me, I raise my left arm in front of me with its armor opening slightly into a shield like form, exclaiming "I don't know! I'm trying to figure that out as much as you are!" All of a sudden that guy is starting to laugh in the background as random girl and spaceman come face to face to try and figure out what is going on and why is it happening for? As they question one another I come between the both of them to let them know the truth behind the three of us. They looked very shocked for what I was going to tell them. This is gonna be so exciting for the both of them when they have known the truth. That Guy starts to explain to them that random girl is really his lil daughter and that he is trying to train her and make her stronger for what she is about to face in the mid future.
"What the heck dad is that you,but you told me that you need a break from me!" I am yelling at That Guy.
Lowering my arm slowly, then seeing that the girl is trying to keep an eye on me, I try to look less threatening while things start to make sense. I remember the situations of secret training in the Centauri system that the locals used to raise individuals as operatives, and understood the situation before me quite well as I knew. The detail about what she might have to face in the future that she needs training for, despite what few amazing abilities I've seen out of possibly countless more unseen ones, was really troubling though.
"I'm sorry I sent you to that other planet." I admit regrettably. "I didn't know that he was an actual superhero and maybe just a normal guy in a costume that was killed by you kicking him. I sent you there thinking that other people might have been killed like that, but said superhero came back and gave me a fist to show he was still alive." Everything started to make sense now and everyone began to notice that this is gonna be very exciting for everyone. I've been hiding this secret from my lil girl for to long and now she knows the truth." Yes random girl it is me for I am your father. I've been keeping a lot of secrets from you but now you know the truth. Random girl looks surprise that what he was saying was true as her memory gets better and better. Your training has improved a lot since we last. "Begins to noticed Rifter in the background and goes right to him"
Uneasy at this still feeling soreness from a wrecking ball of a punch to the face, I try to present myself as approachable, while keeping in mind of how to avoid another unexpected blow. "I guess I shouldn't have intervened with your training session if this is all true..." I sighed out. Random girl training has went very well and as time passes by something big is fixing to happen out of the middle of no where. This isn't gonna look very good at all to the three.

"Hey there is something big wrecking Tokyo Space Man,and That Guy,and we all need to stop it!" I explained. "Aight, and name's Rifter by the way. Ya know, I make rifts, and jump into 'em to go to other places. I might be able to send us to whatever might be playing dominoes with the city." I laid two fingers on the side of his helmet and suddenly faint images of another part of the city start zipping around me as I brought another part of the city into phase around me. Moments later, I'm seeing a large figure destroying buildings around it, which knocked me out of my self assurance rather quickly. "Ksla'doct" I hiss out, cursing in an alien language.
As me and random girl are standing there looking face to face at this big monster as it looks back at us. This monster is so big and black with a face on each side of it. It has long tail with very sharp spikes at the end of. This monsters name was Zonki for it means killer of monsters in Tokyo.This is gonna be the big test for the three heros for the city. This monster is well known for it's powers for it is,andThe monster keeps destroying the city and needs to be stopped.
"So, Anyone know of any weaknesses to this thing?" I ask urgently. As I am looking at the big monster I go to jump in its mouth and look down at random girl and Rifter. The mouth closes shut as Rifter and random girl looks shocked as it seems as I was killed but the mouth opens up again and I look down and tell the both of them I am ok as they look at me stupid. Then out of no where, Rifter says "Okay..." in a disturbed yet accepting tone. Looks at Rifter as in a funny way and tells him the monster has really bad breath and that he needs a breath mint. As I am laughing me head off telling him this. "Really Daddy way to be example to me Random Girl !" I explain. Looks at my daughter from inside the monsters mouth and tells her everything is ok as the monsters mouth closes again. Rifter and random girl looks shocked for it happen again. As it opens back up I tell them I am still ok but going in the monster stomach.
I decide to stop this weird stuff that daddy is doing so I punch the monster so hard that it spit him out. "That guy is blasting off again" As I am laughing my head off as the monster spits me out. Goes all the way back and super punches my daughter as I was showing them where the weakness it at in on the monster. Dang you how dare you ruin my fun as I was looking mad and happy at the same time.
Started briefly, then seeing that random girl seems to shrug this right off, I go back to thinking about That Guy's reason for going into its maw. "Maybe he was showing us its weakness is INSIDE of it." I eventually come to think from why he went inside its maw in the fist place.
I fell on the ground,and I got back up."Daddy was that supposed to be a attack?"I asking Daddy as dust off my cloths.
A slight smirk came across my face as I saw the humor in this concept of family time. I move onto syncing up the phase inside of the monster around me, observing its insides and finding some hollow spots around the organs that bring back memories of anatomy diagrams in school and other interstellar hospitals. "If I could get myself in there, I could do quite a bit of damage. Internal bleeding may make it a total drag to see in there, will have to use oxygen supply to breathe in there, and vision filtering to see through the blood." After a short moment contemplating the thought, I then decide to suddenly act and throw myself into a rift leading into a hollow around the lower organs.
I join a side with Rifter as I help out but at the same time have fun with this. As I go through the monsters mouth and to the stomach I begin to kill the monster slowly. I've begin to notice that this is gonna take awhile to kill this monster.
I see my daddy,and Rifter go in the monster. What just I do?
While I was tearing apart the intestines, I decided to check in on random girl. Scanning through the area, I realized she actually managed to get inside of its stomach and then project a dimensional image of myself to her, seeing that she is idle and not seeming sure of what to do.
"Whoa how did you do that,and what should I do?" I asked the Rifter. "Punch holes in the stomach walls, tear the insides to pieces, make a mess of everything inside here!" I exclaim.
"You want me to killed it,but I had ever killed anything before?!"I explain.
Whoa... Even though despite her strength and how dangerous she can be, she never seems to have killed ANYTHING. This is gonna be a tough sell to her... "Think of how many people have already died by this monster bringing down all those buildings on their heads, 'til they're crushed by the rubble burying them like an instant graveyard!" I responded in anger not at her but at this event happening, making the point clear by gouging the flesh below my feet violently.
" What is that my cousin in that building,and no he is dead ok I will do it!" I crying .
I really wish someone as young as her didn't have to go through this crap. But this is the basis of retribution. Those who cause too much suffering and destruction must be dealt with by means severe as the offense. I hope this doesn't end up breaking her in the long run... Still gotta keep up the damage though on my part, time to move onto the lungs and heart.
I closed my eyes,and started pounding has hard as I can! Eventually the gravity inside the monster turns sideways, indicating that it has fallen over. The pulse and breathing in the torn heart and lungs slows and eventually stops altogether. The monster's life has finally given out, and bystanders eventually became curious and started to draw closer to the motionless corpse. I stopped swing,and opened my eyes seeing what I did. I fell on my knees,and started to cry.
"I am a killer,and everyone will now be afraid of me,and I need to get out of Earth!"
Having teleported out of the inside of the monster, I stood by her, knowing that this would probably hit her very hard. All the while I started to hear a rising cheer from the citizens around the city, this made no difference to the poor child's despair. Kneeling beside her, I say in a soft tone "I know of a planet that is peaceful in nature that you could stay at. Could I take you there?"
"Ok,but will you come with me,and stay with me,or are you afraid of me?!" I asked The Rifter.
"I may have some fear of you still, but you may probably need me more than ever, so my fear is not important at all compared to how important you need help coping with this. So, I will stay with you since in a sense, I fear my own shame if I don't help you not hurt so much on the inside." I try to console her. As I disappear from out of no where to leave Rifter and random girl alone. That Guy has spoken and has completed his mission for the next time. "Ok let's go please!"I said
I transported us atop a mountaintop where the portal waypoint was that I finally came home to Earth through. I channeled energy in for to of me, the air rippling as if about to have a hole pulled open in it, which a few moments later happened as so with a bright flash, creating a brilliantly shining tunnel. We both enter through the tunnel, and end up at the verdant planet known as Serroil, the rolling plains and the lavender sky illuminated by a blue sun. She clearly seemed stunned and ended up hugging me out of gratitude and thankfulness. A strange feeling came to me she was also showing this to me since I may have been the first to be completely honest to her, despite how brutal the lesson was. She makes her suit disappear and reveals her identity which I saw so little of when I returned to Earth.
"My name is Emily,and Daddy says that I got my powers when Dark Bat threw me in Chemical A when I was three years old!" "My real name here is Jerrick Gauldron, and the only reason I got my powers was that I ended up in a cave while camping with these crystals that upon exploding, sent me to another world. I eventually found out I could remake those rifts but couldn't return home as hard as I tried with my new power, making me dread I may never see home again. I about had given up hope on it when I felt a strange disturbance somewhere nearby and could feel the air rippling when I found the thing the feeling was coming from. I made a rift in it and ended up at another world! I kept looking for these tunnels, jumping from planet to planet, 'til I ended up back at Earth. But even at my homeworld, catastrophe can strike... I can only imagine what state my mother is from me being away for nearly 10 years." I explain my origin to her. "I am so sorry about that!"I sady showed certain.
"On the bright side, I made a lot of friends along the way, even if they were not what I expected to become friends with. Maybe by your experience, you have gained the power to protect and help those you hold dear and in need." I respond reassuringly.
"Ok!"I happy said,and started to play in the grass!
I left her to enjoy herself as she could really use the time alone to recover from her experience at Tokyo. Now about that Dark Bat guy!

July 7,2016

"I am Shadow Knight,and I see this armored suit guy questioning Dark Bat's son in my city." I whisper to you readers as watching him the Rifter. "Dark Bat has be in Green Vally for 15 years,but he got defeat by Super Bolt,and his friends,but he ran way ok that's all I know trust me I am his son,but why do you care about this?"
"His experiments are dangerous." I growl. "If he's capable of turning a girl into a super weapon just for fun, who knows what other experiments he's capable of! I need to make sure he doesn't screw up anything else far whose than what happened to her. If I can persuade him to stop this madness, no harm will come to him. If not, he'll most likely end up locked up for as long as he's capable of living 'til age takes him."
"I know where he is I just found him from my sky drones that are so small no one can see them!" I telling this strange armored guy!
My view immediately bolts towards this newcomer from a shadowed corner of the alley, wrist lance arming. She looked about seventeenish in age, but was wearing a pitch black outfit that upon further scanning, revealed astonishingly advanced technology which was Earth based. It's probably a good thing I had the Thoron field active running through my armor, which can distort wave patterns to render sensors useless to keep my identity unknown based on the tech level she has.
"What is your business with Dark Bat to be tracking him?" I demanded from this eavesdropper. "I make it my job because he is the world's biggest threat that a bad guy,and because a year ago no one saved by parents from Dead Man,and I watch them die just before I was sleeping gassed on me!"I said with tears coming from my eyes.
"Then we're on the same page then. Even though I may have not heard of this person until a year ago, I will not stand for my homeworld to be torn asunder by such madmen! Being cast away from Earth for nearly a decade has made me realize how much Earth meant to me, and now I will ward it from destruction as I had many other worlds I visited." I was clenching my fists while I seethed this out.
"It was my birthday,and I have no family members left,and my brother is no where to be found!"I cried.
This girl is clearly in a great deal of pain from having her loved ones taken away from her. I find her will to punish Dark Bat commendable, but her drive for vengeance may drive her to endanger herself and possibly make the situation worse than needed. "When was the last time you saw your brother, and what was he doing at the time?" I ask.
"Nearly ten years,and he was in a camping trip with me then a big light came,and made he vanish!" I am remembering the time.
"Show me the location he disappeared at on GPS. I might be able to dig something up" I replied. Thoughts of if this is an ambush dance through my head, but scouting the area around first remotely might tell me for sure.
I point to my GPS at the spot. "There also the location of Dark Bat,and I will never kill!"
A strange sense of déjà-vu came over me concerning events from a year ago in Tokyo. "Family would probably come first though. Let's go to the camping site and see what evidence I can find to his whereabouts" I reply.
"By the way Emily does have a sleeping problem with red text books,and That Guy has a weakness to balloons."I told him that need info incase of ....
My gaze darts at her and I freeze. Why is she telling me their weaknesses? And how does she know Emily and That Guy and for how long? Even though knowing this may be useful to prevent these weaknesses from being exploited, I can only imagine what she has picked up concerning me.
"What I am telling this just incase they go rogue,because you are their friends,and you,and I are the only ones to know!"
"Point taken with the rogue aspect..." I mutter. What Won't say though is that her knowing this info has also labeled her as a possible threat. "Let me set a path for that camping area now." as I mentally surge across the landscape through dimensional imaging, eventually finding the location. A strange figure that is pointing at what seems to be us is seen when I find the area.
"Change of plans, someone knows of our plans. And it can DEFINITELY sense me." I stated urgently.
"What is Dead Man I will get you!" I yelled at Dead Man. Then I begin to start my teleporter.
Nuts. Gotta knock her destination off course. I emit a pulse of rift energy that alters her course to Antarctica and confirm this when she blinks out of sight. That pulse will play havoc with her teleportation module for a while, causing it to be unusable until she gets it working again. Gotta work fast though, for I need to get the assassin contained before Shadow Knight commits suicide against him.
So this is Shadow Knight in person... Not sure how she's lasted this long with this burning hate inside of her, but I need to defuse the situation. What to do about the assassin though?

"So this is Rifter,and now I am mad,but I will let it slide." I am thinking. "This counter is now recorded,but Dead Man I should have got him today!" If you readers think it's over,but this just the beginning! I hate being in this ice land! " "This counter is now recorded,but Dead Man I should have got him today!"I am shouting to you! If you readers think it's over,but this just the beginning! I hate being in this ice land!

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