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What is edCenter?

Bookemon lets Educators create a secure, private and friendly environment for their students and staff to create and share books.
An edCenter can be created for your class, special project group or students of a grade level at your school. The benefits of edCenters are:

- Group Privacy. At your discretion, books and information can only be accessed by members.
- Student Accounts. Teacher can add student accounts for their students gaining added privacy and ease of oversight on students' works.
- Free for educators. There is no cost to create your own edCenter. There is no obligation to purchase.
- Educator Discount. All members of your edCenter will receive a 10% discount off of purchased books.
- Mobile Access. Using bookPress or Bookemon Mobile apps, you can access your edCenter via iPhone, iPad or Android devices.
- Membership Control. Management tools for founder/administrators to control who can join your group.
- Collaboration. Members within the group can create book collaboratively

What is bCloud for edCenter?

A secure, online storage space for edCenter members to capture favorite photos, documents, page designs and artworks. Contribute photos, creative writings and designs to bCloud from iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC. Collaborate on yearbook and group projects using bCloud and share in the joy of creating a collective keepsake together.

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