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I have always enjoyed my walk=sunshiny or gloomy days either I walk by myself or Dan's walking with me=the ups and the down the hill..Most of the time it's my quiet time with the LORD(walking/talking withHIM)..there's been a lot of times that the LORD has dealt with me or have shown me things in my daily walk-encouraging and strengthening me, there've been times I am singing/crying/worshiping(with raised-up hands)..... and some days it's just simply/leisurely walking...

Everyday is different but got to enjoy the cloudy/sunshiny with a clear blue skies/sometimes with white puffy clouds scattered, a rainbowfull of colors surrounding the sun(it's just awsome!), ...the blooming flowers/trees, chirping/flying birds, @times I see birds with sticks or grass on their beak for making a nest.....gliding hawks-minding their own business(ha ha ha)cuz sometimes I see a crow(I called them the blackbirds)trying to immitate the hawk's gliding-really amused me... clean maintained yards/cluttered-dirty yards.....but it's not what you see along the way, but how you make the MOST/BEST out of your walk in your walktrail....I think of this song sometimes (the first Sunday School song I have learned):

Walking with Jesus,

walking everyday,

walking all the way.

Walking with Jesus,

walking with Jesus alone.

Walking in the sunshine,

walking in the shadow.

Walking everyday,

walking all the way,

walking with Jesus,

walking with Jesus alone.
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