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My friend Ray and I ( Sam) started this book because I (Sam) wanted to make this kind of book for a very long time. Since I was in high school I got inspired playing a few video games like Metal Gear Solid, and reading Tom Clancy novels.

After years passed by getting out of high school I had a lot of free time in my hands, and I saw a few other great films like Red Dawn giving me more ideas on my story that I always held in my head.

So one day I started on my own to write the book. Only problem is that it is hard to put ideas down I have in my head and write them down. So i set out and look for someone else to give me a hand in writing this book. So I turned to my friend Ray.

I told him what I wanted to do and planing, he like what i had in mind so he agreed to write this book together. So thats how it all started with Ray and I. our goal for this book is to be the best book out there and be one of those books that people will know like how people know Tom Clancy's name and his book. even if it takes a few years to finish.
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Tom Clancy Novels
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Tom Clancy

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