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Chairwomen/CEO Marilyn Afreeya Robinson,
is well known for three A-Free-Ya’s Natural Food Restaurants and her gourmet food distribution company. She has successfully operated a busy mail order base, as well as thirty- one wholesalers and retailers with her products and services. A well known vegetarian chef and restaurant owner among celebrities, she has personally catered to Isaac Hayes, Gladys Knight, Les Brown, Muhammad Ali, Sonia Sanchez, Judith Jamison, Iyanla Vanzant and more. Well traveled, Afriyie (Afreeya) has been introduced to many different international food preparation techniques and her skills as writer (recipe books and children’s literature) have been enhanced by her exposure to the world’s cuisine. Afriyie also has several inventions (including patented culinary tools) and is a successful real estate investor and restaurant developer. Other skills include marketing and menu planning, health education and event promotions/lectures. She has managed her own product distribution to 32 retail/wholesale outlets. She has enjoyed being a chef and culinary advisor for over twenty years.
Afriyie changed her diet by divine intervention in 1974. She was in the 11th grade and working for a fast food restaurant called Busy Butcher which became her primary source for her meals because of her work and school schedule. Afriyie began to notice that her bowl movements changed in texture and less frequent so she made the decision to stop eating at work and eliminate everything processed and white not knowing that there was a well established natural food movement out there. Her knowledge of this movement came by way of a Fruitarian, which she felt was a little hard to believe that someone could survive on fruit alone. Her next introduction was to an Airtarian which was too extreme but interesting non-the less. Within 2 years she was eventually introduced to other Vegetarians and started her own experimenting and sampling other ethnic vegetable meals and incorporating most of what she learned into her own preparation style and food choices. Afriyie knows that she was blessed early in life and committed herself to empower others by encouraging, sharing and teaching others what they desire to learn and to prepare the highest quality nutritional meals/drinks/snacks/condiments that she possibly can.
Afriyie believes that in our “Quest For Life” there are 3 major Quest,

*The Quest for Spiritual Development
*The Quest for Respectful Love
*The Quest for Optimum Health
She wants to assist as much as she can. Reach-Out and she will Reach-Back.
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