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New Jersey
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Akshita Sanjay is a 12 year old girl who loves to write. She always wonders "What if..." or "Why not..." Those are great topics that help her write. Other than writing, she loves to read. The GOOSEBUMPS series has given her the chills every time she reads them. She hopes you enjoy this book. Akshita also loves to watch horror movies and sing. She lives in Edison, New Jersey along with her parents. You can contact her at her email id- akssan14@gmail.com.

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Akshaya Ramaswamy is a 12 year old inspired reader of horror books. She is excited to write her first book Fright at Night from the series Dare or Die. She is always thoughtful thinking as she writes... Why? Was that needed? Where?How did that happen? This shows why Akshaya is a awesome writer. Along with reading and writing Akshaya loves sports and is interested in learning languages.An author that inspired her was author of GOOSEBUMPS, R.L. STINE.Who is a great author also. Akshaya now lives in Edison, New Jersey accompanied by her parents and 6 year old sister.You can contact her at her email id- akshaya.ram27@gmail.com.

Happy Reading!
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The Lost Hero
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Rick Riordan
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Demi Lovato
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Happy Feet
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Pablo Piccaso
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Play Basketball

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