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I am known by two as mother, 1000's as educator, and hundreds as coach, only one is my twin, and many can relate to my ;single-parenting'. I have several sisters, seven times an aunt and a few close friends. I have taught high school biology, health and physical education for 22 years. I love to hike and camp in the great outdoors where I can appreciate all the wonders and beauties our heavenly father has created for us. I love to study marine life and teach people about preserving our natural resources for future generations. I love to participate in volleyball, basketball, snorkeling, scuba, and kayaking. I float the river with family and friends in the summer. I want to travel to places like Africa to work in the HIV orphanages. Scuba dive the Great barrier reef and tour the castles in Scotland. I want to meet new people and learn new cultures and customs. Most of all I want to help others. God has provided so much for us. It is our duty to spread it around reaching all the ends of the earth.
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Are you my mother?
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Science Fiction
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Taylor Swift
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Classic Rock & Contemporary Christian
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How to loose a guy in 10 days, ugly truth
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Michael Angelo
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Remember something 'good' from all situations.

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