About Me
Hallo, jeder!

*I'm Adrianna.

*I was born in Chicago in March 15, 1994. Um, I am an only child.

*I like to read and write. My favorite band is Tokio Hotel, favorite singers are Elvis Presley, John Lennon (after Beatles) and Bill Kaulitz.

*I write a lot but rarely update. I'ma perfectionist when it comes to my writing. I have to get it right or i won't upload. I take a while, sometimes months or weeks at a time. But when i finally do, its usually all of my stories together unless its a new story.

*I give real criticism when i have an opinion of your story. If i think your story isn't good at all, i'll tell you what i don't like about it. If i like it i probably won't comment anything other than the standard, "OMG i can't wait for what's next" unless it gave a specially good/bad feeling.

*I expect the same from anyone who reads my stories, be real.

Other than that,
Auf Wiedersehen.

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Favorite Choices
Favorite Band or Artist
Tokio Hotel
Favorite Movie
Alexander and Mr. Nobody

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