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My names Amarr Anthony Reid im 20 yrs old i was born and raised in Boston ma then shortly moved to brockton ma where i started my athletic career.
In sixth grade i was diagnose with a disease that messed with my growth.
I had to get surgery to get a pin put in my right hip.
Which left me home on the couch then i found the food network which inspired me to begin my quest to be come a chef.
I been cooking since i was 8 years old beside my grandmother Donessa Rock who's from Barbados who has been my support till this day. when i was 4 months my grandmother took me in her home.
My parent were messing with the wrong crowds my mom was on drugs and my dad ended up in prison.
Using this negative points in my life a positive points.
I began my journey in at east jr high in brockton ma attending cooking classes then made my way to brockton high school
and meet my mentor and instructor Melissa McLaughlin and Valerie Bennett.
My junior year A Team Of 3 students And I enter a pro start..
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