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Our story is simple…two sisters that couldn’t agree on the color of the sky their entire life find a common vision through Soft Serv Creations. My sister, Sara, is the creative artist that founded Soft Serv Creations and initially designed Alphapetz and Stuffed Fortunes. She shared them with me and I was instantly hooked. Once I saw the pictures, I thought that it would be neat to give the characters personalities and suggested that I write up a few of the character’s stories to see if Sara liked them. Considering our history, both of us were convinced that the other one wouldn’t understand their “view”of the petz. So, I wrote a few of them up and sent them to Sara figuring that nothing would come of it. Meanwhile, Sara patiently waited to see what I wrote…but didn’t have high hopes that I understood her vision. What emerged was a whole new magical world for the two of us. So, our partnership in Soft Serv Creations began and we have continued developing new lines of characters and ideas….oh, and I’m not gonna say we never disagree…..but we have a united vision as partners but more importantly as sisters!
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