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Hello my names Oscar Danilo Antonio Ramos I'm 23yrs old latino born and raised in Miami at Miami Children Hospital at 6:30 am on June 13, 1985 reping the 305. Proud of my heritage to be latino and nica. I come from a fairly large family of like almost 50 cousins. I’m the youngest of three children I have a older brother and sister. My Sister’s 44 and my brother is 34 I which I had a younger brother or sister to bother like they did when I was growning up. My mother God bless her soul is a women of a strong character being the first to come from Nicaragua over to the United States she expects a lot from her kids. When she first came over she was the head of the household at the time. She brought my family over from my country one by one until the whole family at the moment was here in Miami. By the time I was born their were 14 family members sharing a two room apartment on Flagler and 67 ave still remember like it was yesterday. If it wasn’t for my mother raising us the way she did in struggle I don’t think I would be the man I am today.
Well I'm in the ARMY NATIONAL GUARD going on my third year of service. HOoah proud to be a soldier in the greatest mafia in the world. I thank God for all the brave men and women of the United States military for all their valor service and sacrifice day in and day out. For the dedication and honor to serve not only for a cause that not right but away from their family and friends on months end. I’m proud to continue the long lasting tradition of serving in the military as my other four cousins. As well as all the brave men and women before my time gave their lives for us. I wouldn’t trade my years in service for nothing in this world with all that have dedication I have put forth but my journey is just beginning as I embark on the biggest decision and mission of my life as I will be deploying to Kuwait in 2010 for 18 months.
I been told that I'm a very compassionate, easy-going, smart, cute, and a huggable teddy bear alex and letti lol. But like a bear cute at first but if provoke can become a vicious grizzly bear that will maul you to bits. Don't take my kindness for a weakness, I can be an ass or a smart ass at times but only if you deserve it or it comes to those measures. Over all my friends and family would considered me Winnie da Pooh which is my nickname by the way. I have always been the type of person that dedicates myself to accomplishing my goal and aspirations. I love to be the underdog that way I can prove people wrong. Take for instance friend and ex-classmates from high school they believed that I would never join the military due to the fact because of my weight. When I came back from basic training in my Army Class A uniform with the patch of U.S. Army over my heart their jaws dropped. My next stepping stone to accomplish is to be accepted into City of Miami Police Academy. An opon acceptance into the academy hopefully graduation in 7months. To be on the force for two years to later transfer into Crime Scene Investigation to become a detective. That’s my game plan and as of now I’m taking the steps to reach my goal. My biggest dream or goal is to retire my mom at a very early age I hope that one day close enough I will be able to take that opportunity and fulfill my dream.
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Catcher in the Rye
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Linkin Park, Kanye West, Bone thugs
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Butterfly Effect
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Only God can judge me!

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