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I am a passionate educator and individual. I enjoy learning, living, and breathing diversity. It has always been a passion of mine to create art, but also to celebrate and bring out the beauty and potential of others around me. Because of my wide breadth of challenges and accomplishments, I relate very well with students and easily balance flexibility with assertive control for my students. In the classroom I create a team work atmosphere, concentrating on projects that instill this, with social justice and community lessons. I love aspiring with my students, both for their individual futures, and their immediate projects. I love what art has to offer students, both in internalizing the world around them in creative thinking skills, as well as giving them an opportunity to explore and express who they are, providing powerful communication skills. Students are challenged to their potential as citizens of society while in my class, and although they may not like it at first, they usually come to love it, learning that I do this because I care, and finding that I also have a lot of fun with them, while learning about the world through art!
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