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ツMy name is Ashley Marrie YoungツツI'm 17 years oldツツI'm a huge Daddy's girl, and not ashamed.I'm a pretty weird person ツツI'm a snobby girly girl at times I strongly dislike seafood My eyes show everything that my face tries to hide.ツツI'll have your back if you have mine.ツツMy moods change like no other, sometimes for no reasonsツツI Give People Too Many Second Chances. ツツI Change My Mind Alot.ツツMy best friends are Mariah Bernald, and My Aunt SarahツツI am home schooled ツツI'm a SeniorツツI dont like when people butt in my businessツツI make weird noises with my mouth when I am boredツI always think I'm right... but rarely ever am..ツツI hate backstabbersツツLaughing makes my world go roundツツI highly despise mean people, rude people, fake people, and people who think they are better than everyone else..ツツI'm a cheerleader so the loudness and girlishness should explain a lotツツI like to sleepツツツWhenever I laugh I tend to cryツツ im very confident but like everyone i have my insecuritiesツツI'm old enough to know better but young enough not to careツツi love kisses on the check, long hugs, and holding handsツ
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