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For over 55 years wood-working has been part-time distraction for me. However, since retiring in 2001 this distraction has become a full time pursuit. Most of my work is oriented to art and display rather than function. This orientation leads to natural and bark edge work. This is especially true for my Manzanita burl pieces. I work mostly with found wood. With found wood, rather than lumber, the challenge is to realize the shape and design that will bring out the natural beauty of the grain and structure. Each piece is a unique creation that evolves during the turning. At one count I’ve worked with over thirty-five varieties of wood. I often find the richer and more interesting the species of wood, the more difficult it is to work. This element adds to the challenge and continual search for new techniques in turning.

I have my woodwork for sale in several galleries and I’ve participated and won several awards in a number of juried shows.

2016 . . . I was selected to participate in the Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach, California, it is in affiliation with the Sawdust Festival and Pageant of the Masters.
Alas, at 83 years old, I guess I've finally arrived!
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Manzanita Burl
Manzanita Burl
by Loyd Walter