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Dawn Angel Gregg (now White) was born on February 24 in Augusta, GA. Living life as a military brat she roamed the world growing up in Kentucky, Germany, and El Paso. She now lives in Anchorage, Alaska as a single mother with four beautiful children. Poetry has been an enjoyable constant in her life as she has explained below.

“When I was in 8th grade our English teacher taught a course on poetry. The first type of poem we had to write was a Haiku. I fell in love and started on the path to finding my own voice and writing style. I have put my heart and soul on these pages. My poetry is a reflection of my inner self and events that have happened in my life. It’s an emotional escape and healing process for me. I do not write to inspire others; I write to let others know I understand and feel what they feel or have been where they are. I express my feelings; let people know what is on my mind. I show my love, admit my hurts, my fears and share my dreams.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book Genre
Crime, Drama, Suspense
Favorite Band or Artist
Too many to name
Favorite Music Genre
Rock, Love Songs
Favorite Movie
Dead Poets Society and Mannequin
Personal Quote
Poetry Brings to Life What my Heart Whispers

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First Flight
by Angel Gregg
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Continuing Journey
by Angel Gregg
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