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Fort Meade, FL
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I would like to think that I have a great personality and attitude. I am not one to say bad things about people to justify what and why I do anything that I choose to do. We create life situations that we feel will be beneficial to us in the long run. At times we move on with these situations even though the writing's on the wall speaks to a different outcome than we desire or hope for. Or even when the person that we made that situation with turns out to be someone all together different from the person that we based our decision on. You have to be true to yourself and do whatever it is that makes your heart smiles... I am VERY open and games are not a part of what I am or do. I am YVONNE! And I am happy with who I am to include ALL of my blessings and flaws. I am a very intelligent sista, but I don't know everything... I am cool if one does not accept me for who I am... I HAVE!!!
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Luther Vandross
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R&B soul

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