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I grew up in a small town called Granville, North Dakota for the first 18 years of my life. After graduating from high school, I went a whopping 22 miles away to attend Minot Statue University. I graduated in 2006 with my Bachelor's in Nursing Degree. I always wanted to get out of North Dakota and see the world so I decided to join the United States Air Force. After Officer Training school, I made my way to Biloxi, MS where i was going to be stationed for about 3 years or so. During the time here, I met the love of my life and now husband, Dapri King. Dapri grew up in Mobile, AL and after graduating from high school joined the United States Navy. After traveling all over the world, he ended up in Gulfport, MS only and hour from his hometown! In July of 2008, fate was set for both of us meeting. And ever since that day, the 16th of July to be exact, we have been inseperable. Through the great times and the bad, we have made it through, better than ever. We married January 2, 2010 in my hometown of Granville. Dapri was welcomed with open arms to my family and even the whole town! They love him! And as I was from the first day I met his. The wedding was beautiful! On returning home, we had about one month to experience married life together. It was great. I did not think I could love him anymore than I already did but that was not true! We were stronger and closer. It was so wonderful! Then Dapri deployed February 7th to Africa for 10 months, and I was left home without him. It was so difficult being without him, but we both were strong for each other and motivated for the wonderful life together ahead! I was notified a week after Dapri left that I too will be deploying in July to Qatar for 6 months. This really was not a surprise because I already thought I would be. It really did not bother me either. It would make the time go by faster being apart, and we would get back around the same time. So that is where our life is now, with phone calls and emails, both missing each other terribly. It is difficult thinking I will not see my husband for the rest of 2010 but we both have the same values and ideals in life so we are excited to make a lot of money for our new house when we both get back. Next on the list is children! I can't wait! I love you Dapri and I am so proud to be your wife! We've done it baby!
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